Every month we are highlighting one of our many venues around the University of Leeds campus to give you a little bit of insight into its history and why we love it!

Roger Stevens-Venue, Venue of the Month

This month it’s the Roger Stevens Building

The Roger Stevens Building seems to be a bit of a marmite venue – in our experience people either love it or hate it.

Completed in 1970, the building was designed in the brutalist style by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, which was fashionable between the 50’s and 70’s – as demonstrated in a number of buildings around Leeds – and was actually meant to form just a small part of the wider campus plan, which unfortunately (if you love the style like we do) never came to full fruition due to financial restraints. This blog by Tina Richardson, Lecturer at the School of Design, provides a fascinating insight into the building and its history, gave us the interesting fact that the basement was home to a broadcasting studio.

Nowadays it is host to 25 lecture theatres offering a range of capacities, including some of the newest and most innovative spaces on campus. It is also home of the Print & Copy Bureau, the one stop shop for all printing, copying, artwork preparation and mailing services at the university.

But our favourite residents are the Mallard ducks which nest in the surrounding undergrowth and use the ornamental pond (which was once used in the air conditioning system for the building – just don’t ask us how!) for duckling swimming lessons. If you spot our feathered friends and manage to get a picture, tweet us using the hashtag #LeedsUniDucks or tag us in a Facebook post: we love to know what they are up to!

In addition to the above, the intriguing aesthetics both inside and outside mean it is a popular spot for photographers and film makers, its most recent appearance being in the Leeds band Pulled Apart by Horses “The Big What If” video.