Join the Team on Tour

Lisa will be in Parkinson Court on Tuesday 28 November from 10:00-12:00 to talk about conferences and events

TEAMonTOUR - Join Lisa in Parkinson Court on Tuesday

In 2010, MEETinLEEDS launched the ongoing ‘TEAMonTOUR’ campaign, in which the team meet with faculties and schools within the University to help develop relationships and communicate the services we offer.

This campaign has led to real advocacy for the conference service around the University and kept us front of mind for academics planning conferences. Thanks to this campaign and others, our academic community continues to help inform the services MEETinLEEDS provide, ensuring the needs of the academics are met and services are developed in response to their requirements.

Harriet Boatwright, Sales & Marketing Manager at MEETinLEEDS said: “Our focus has certainly shifted over the past five years to be tuned carefully to how our activity contributes to the University’s ambitious strategic plan to grow its research income to £200m by 2020. We have challenged ourselves with the question; what ways can we support the University’s drive to enable interdisciplinary research, to reach a greater international audience and to ensure it is making a positive impact? Consistently referring back to this has enabled us to focus our efforts on collaboration and partnership with the academic community. ‘TEAMonTOUR’ is one of the ways we interact and increase our visibility with internal University departments and faculties. The direct interaction we gain from the campaign helps us find out what our audience really want from us, and also allows them to put a name to a face, which is essential for creating and developing lasting partnerships.”
Lisa Wood (right), Sales Executive at MEETinLEEDS and face of the campaign said: “It really is a pleasure to head the ‘TEAMonTOUR’ campaign and meet my colleagues within the University. It gives us an opportunity to generate new enquiries and meet new people, and there is no better feeling than developing an enquiry into an event on campus!

I feel that it is especially important to introduce our services and staff at ‘New Starters’ events, to give our new colleagues an introduction to the services and the community spirit that really is evident at the University!”