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Lots of conference & events venues at the University of Leeds
Suppliers Easter Fair 2017
Life in the Rice Paddies by Megan Ellis
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Food Safety Myths

5 Food Safety Myths Debunked

Were the pyramids erected by Ancient Aliens? Was it just a weather balloon that was captured in Roswell or something from further afield? Did we land on the Moon in 1969 or did Armstrong and Aldrin bounce around a Hollywood sound stage? Unfortunately,…
5 Foods to Avoid at an Event

5 Foods to Avoid at an Event

There are  a number of do's and dont's to think about when it comes to catering at events, both as an organiser and a delegate. Here are MEETinLEEDS' top 5 foods to steer clear of, courtesy of our Health and Safety Manager, Geoff Tooley. MEETinLEEDS…
Winter Menu

New Deli(very) Winter Menus

The new winter menus are now available to order from our friends at Deli(very) from just £8.25 per person! There are two tantalising menus for you to enjoy this winter devised by our award-winning chefs. The seasonal specials are the…
Tash Meet in Leeds

Our Eggcellent Easter of Conferences and Events

What takes 13 days, 3 exhibitions, 6 drink receptions, 4 conference dinners, 1658 delegates & a partridge in a pear tree*? Is this the latest edition of a Tom Cruise franchise, I hear you ask... No, this is another successful conference…