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Food Safety Myths

5 Food Safety Myths Debunked

Were the pyramids erected by Ancient Aliens? Was it just a weather balloon that was captured in Roswell or something from further afield? Did we land on the Moon in 1969 or did Armstrong and Aldrin bounce around a Hollywood sound stage? Unfortunately,…
5 Foods to Avoid at an Event

5 Foods to Avoid at an Event

There are  a number of do's and dont's to think about when it comes to catering at events, both as an organiser and a delegate. Here are MEETinLEEDS' top 5 foods to steer clear of, courtesy of our Health and Safety Manager, Geoff Tooley. MEETinLEEDS…
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Customer Care? Surely not…

Now I know I may have lived in Yorkshire for far too long and am starting to moan about everything but… given that the majority of businesses are investing heavily in Customer Care training are things really progressing? Last week I was…