The common idiom states that an army marches on its stomach, but if Napoleon were to swap his bicorn hat for that donned by an Event Manager (which would be a hard hat in the shape of a Deerstalker- a thinking cap protecting from vertically descending objects), he may have said that a conference delegates to its stomach: the success of a conference is heavily influenced by standards of the catering.  MEETinLEEDS is acutely aware of this and through our partnership with Great Food at Leeds and the delivered catering arm of their business, Deli(very), provide cuisine which is of the highest possible standards from our team of award-winning chefs.

As they strive towards culinary perfection they are always thinking of ways to innovate the menu to improve the offer and consider the feedback of the customers. This has led to being shortlisted for ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ at the Cost Sector Catering Awards and the Catey’s.

Kevin and Simon- Chefs Extraordinaire!

Kevin and Simon- Chefs Extraordinaire!

After speaking to Team Head Chef Simon Wood, Chef Kevin Rogers, and the Deli(very) Booking Team (Lyn Hubbard, Ann Keating and Rosie Devonshire) it is obvious that the new additions to the menu and the improved online booking system have not only gone down well with the customers, but also with the team.

Simon has worked in the kitchen for 18 years and “loads of hotels and restaurants” in the past. His wealth of experience has been vital in the changes to Deli(very) and he continues to innovate in the kitchen.

“The whole of the “Taste of Summer” menu is homemade, using seasonal, fresh, local ingredients. This is the major change I have seen in my 18 years at the University. In the past we might have used a lot of pre-packed frozen goods, now we have fresh deliveries every day from our local suppliers”

“The standard of the suppliers has also been raised: it is a badge of honour to supply to the University, and our high standards of quality control will keep it that way.”

Kevin, who has worked in the kitchen for 28 years, has the same uncompromising attitude towards quality.

“You get more job satisfaction the more varied the work and the higher the standard of product. Making a good summer tart from fresh, beats taking things out of the freezer and putting them in the oven.”

Lyn, who has worked in the coffee bars before relocating to the Deli(very) bookings team, says a major success of the rebrand is that “…it has made the process more organised; everyone knows the standards and what is expected; from the bookings team, to the kitchen, to the delivery crew”.

(L-R) Lyn, Rosie and Ann- The Deli(very) booking team

(L-R) Lyn, Rosie and Ann- The Deli(very) booking team

Rosie, the newest addition to the bookings team, recently completed a degree in a notable northern University.

“The catering was nothing like what we currently serve. Lecturers would order for us at the end of terms and it wouldn’t look anything like this” she says, pointing to the lunch in front of her, ready to be delivered.

If you need any help choosing from the Deli(very) menu the staff are more than happy to guide you in your search for the perfect banquet. Ann has a couple of top tips for you right now:

“The Taste of Summer is a balanced menu with meat, fish and vegetarian options, which can be accompanied by the Vegetable Crudités for a summer crunch. Finish off with a Fresh Fruit and Cheese Platter and you have the perfect (indoor) picnic.”


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