MEETtheTEAM: Introducing Carole Baldwin

In our MEETtheTEAM blog series,  we’re be putting a spotlight on individuals who make up our hardworking and close-knit team here at MEETinLEEDS. Next up, we’ve taken the time to sit down with the smiling face of Cloth Hall Court, Receptionist Carole Baldwin, who shares a day in the life of her role, and her thoughts on the impacts of COVID-19.

Phone in hand

What does a day in your position look like?

As the face of Cloth Hall Court, one of the most iconic venues in the city, it’s my responsibility to meet and greet customers that come through our doors, and direct them to the correct rooms. I also ensure that I’m always on hand on for any questions that a customer may have, to guarantee that they have a wonderful experience at our venue.


What first attracted you to the conferencing industry?

Before joining the lovely team at Cloth Hall Court, I had previously worked at Leeds Beckett’s Student Services for almost 20 years. I love being of service to people, so when I saw the advert of front of house of Cloth Hall Court, I couldn’t resist! I haven’t looked back since.

What has working in the conference industry taught you?

That there’s never a dull moment! Working in such a fast-paced industry means that you have to be constantly on your toes and be as flexible as possible, so it certainly keeps me busy. I’ve also learnt that customers expect first class service, which is something that our team always strive to deliver.


What is your favourite thing about working in the conference industry?

Being of service to our customers. I love meeting different people every single day, and my role offers me the opportunity. It’s wonderful hearing the lovely comments that customers say to me as they leave the building, and how fantastic the venue is and what a wonderful service they received – and it’s all down to our incredible team!

How are you adapting to the current situation?

I regularly check my emails to ensure that everything is ticking over. I’m also looking forward to getting involved with online training and really taking this time to develop my skills even further.

What does your new way of working mean for the customer?

Whilst we’re in lockdown, I cannot service our customers. However I know that our wonderful Sales team will be looking after our customers, and I look forward to welcoming new ones when we can all return to work.