I Miss You art installation for Leeds Light Night

We are loving the I MISS YOU artwork which is currently on display in the centre of the River Aire at Leeds Dock. The artwork is part of a set being displayed in cities across Europe in several different languages and it sums 2020 up perfectly.

The I MISS YOU artwork will be on display between 4:30pm and 10pm until the 31 December 2020. If you are planning a visit you will find all the details on the Light Night Leeds website.

The artwork has inspired the team at MEETinLEEDS to get creative and share with each other things we have missed so far in 2020. We created a chain poem where we each added a line or two and passed it on to a colleague.

We’re impressed with how this turned out, we wonder what our Professor of Poetry and Poet Laureate would think?

2020 – What a year!

When we couldn’t even meet our friends for a beer,
Or we could, as long as we didn’t get too near!

Our coffee breaks went virtual,
As did our chats on the latest TV and what we had for tea,
Our workouts and group hangouts went online too,
We played games and did virtual quizzes (a few too many to tell the truth!)

There were special occasions that we couldn’t toast,
And that is what we missed the most,
Milestone birthdays, retirements, weddings and graduations not celebrated in style,
And yet we did our best to smile.

Staycations replaced vacations,
No endless sunshine and reading books with toes dipping in the pool,
We even had to run our own school!

Loved ones that we dearly miss,
Yet all we can do is send a virtual hug and kiss.

Family time is the hardest thing,
Still, we must be strong, the virus cannot win.


MEETinLEEDS teams standing in Clothworker Court