The Friday Countdown

The announcements, our favourite events, things we have learned and general stuff we like from the past week.

5. Back to the Future Backed by an Orchestra!

In partnership with Leeds City Council, Opera North takes over Millennium Square with “Back to the Future” screened with a live score on Sunday 30 July at Millennium Square.

One of the defining films of the 80’s is back on the big screen with a full symphony orchestra performing Alan Silvestri’s dazzling musical score live in synch with the movie.

In the (extremely doubtful) event that it is your first viewing, be prepared amazing set pieces, great performances for the cast and has left audiences with an abundance of questions about time travel with the number of paradoxes and plot holes. It is the perfect summer blockbuster and holds up extremely well today, especially as it is over 30 years old!

The event is a perfect day for the whole family, whether it is the first time you have seen it or, like us, you are a child of the 80’s and want to go on an excellent nostalgia trip. We can safely say that it will be well attended, so book now to avoid missing out!

There are a number of amazing events in the Millennium Square Summer Series, so have a peek and get involved!

4. Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake Day

Alzheimer's Society- Cupcake Day

Teams from across the University of Leeds Facilities Directorate, which includes MEETinLEEDS, Great Food at Leeds and Deli(very), have nominated the national charity to support for 2017/18 as the Alzheimer’s Society.

Last week we got involved in their Cupcake Day event to raise awareness for the charity, which made over £200,000 for the charity, with funds still coming in!

We would like to thank everyone that came along to the stand, and we hope to raise even more money and awareness throughout the year with many more fantastic events.

3. Retro Games Fair

Retro Games Fair

We grew up playing 8-bit classics like Alex Kid in Miracle World, the first 3 Super Mario Brothers and Double Dragon, so we are extremely excited about the Retro Games Fair at the Refectory on 24th June.

There will be over 130 tables of retro games and consoles, a chance to win a Nintendo Switch and a charity tombola, along with head-to-head tournaments to enter with cash prizes for all you competitive gamers out there!

Entry is £2 for adults, 50p under 16’s, and free for under 6’s.

We will be there hunting down a copy of our very favourite game on the Commodore 64, the epic side-scrolling shooter Silkworm, which had the best soundtrack of any game ever… See you there!

2. IMC What’s Going On!

International Medieval Congress 2017

The International Medieval Congress (IMC) is at the University of Leeds 3rd – 6th July 2017.

Since its start in 1994, the Congress has established itself as an annual event with an attendance of over 2,200 medievalists from all over the world.

Drawing medievalists from over 50 countries, with over 2,000 individual papers and 600 academic sessions, plus a wide range of performances, readings, round tables, excursions and book fairs, the IMC is Europe’s largest annual gathering in the humanities.

This year the IMC team have introduced a mobile-responsive website as a source for news, information and updates about this year’s event, to help you plan your journey and navigate the Congress when you arrive. They will be posting plans of all of the exhibitions, as well as information on everything from checking in at your accommodation to using Wi-Fi on campus.

Next week we will be looking at the IMC events that we are looking forward to the most, many of which are open to the general public, so stay tuned, come along and get medieval!

1. Manage the Stress

Stress Management

This week we found out that Event Manager is in the top 5 most stressful jobs, according to the Career Cast website.

However, judging by the smiling faces of our team you would think that the job was a walk in the park, so we asked our event experts what advice they would give to anyone who feels stressed on the job:

  • Simply taking a break from the phone and computer and coming back fresh can help detox the body of stress. Going for a run or to the gym releases endorphins, which in turn lifts your mood. The Edge – our on campus gym and fitness suite – is the perfect place to unwind, plus it is free for all of our residential delegates!
  • Adhere to the phrase “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. An event is 99% preparation and 1% delivery .If you take care of all elements you know can be controlled in advance you will have time to deal with those that can’t once the event begins. Last minute changes or requests are an inevitability of most jobs, no matter how much planning you do.
  • GSOH – the acronym which pops up at the top of all dating sites is the perfect mind-set to have in the face of stressful events. Sometimes you have to just smile and take everything in your stride!
  • The knowledge that you have a strong team to rely on who will rally to the cause in the face of last minute requests or changes to the plan. After all, ensuring a client’s needs are met and our delegates are happy is the most important part of the job!
  • For stress relief we also indulge in bacon sandwiches from the Refectory on Friday mornings. Granola is our usual go to breakfast, but it doesn’t have the required stress-busting properties!

Let us know your stress busting tips by Tweeting us!

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