Highlights of the Week – Friday 3 March

The Friday Countdown

A look at the announcements, our favourite events, things we have learned and general stuff we like in the past week. Let us know what we missed!

  1. Everyone Loves a Freebie…

So when the team had the chance to get a sample of the latest face cream from a cosmetic giant we could not get out of our chairs quick enough. While we were there our arms were also stuffed with popcorn, low calorie brownies and some green tea to wash it all down.

Here at the University of Leeds we are lucky to be inundated with loads of freebies courtesy of the Staff Benefits team! If you are a university staff member you will no doubt already know about this, and if you aren’t then why don’t you have a look at the vacancies and come and join us!

It’s not only free stuff that makes us happy. We have a number of ways we can learn more and grow both personally and professionally through the help of the LOGIK Centre.

Opened in 2005, over the past 11 years they have provided numerous courses which have been accessed by over 3000 university staff from all areas. We have taken an introduction to Spanish, stewarding courses, aerobics classes, Turkish marbling, and that is just this year!

The LOGIK Centre was set up as a learning centre specifically for the benefit of University of Leeds staff, so if you haven’t found them yet now is the time to pop in and see what’s on offer.

  1. British Kebab Awards 2017

If anything needs an awards ceremony it is the kebab. From a scraps of lino with red and white sauce stuffed in an old huarache version to a slow grown Aberdeen Angus with micro salad atop an angel wing pitta, the special place they hold in our hearts and stomachs needs to be celebrated. Which it is at the British Kebab Awards!

On Monday evening at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London, the ‘Pittarati’ got together for their 5th annual ceremony to find out who are the Kings and Queens of Kebabylon.

So we have to put our hands together for ‘I am Doner’, who are just round the corner from us in Headingley, Leeds. They came in first spot in the ‘Best Delivery’ category.

Our Emma happened to wander in there one evening, purely for informational purposes of course:

Kebab- Closeup of chicken skewers or shashlik with grilled vegetables (mushrooms, paprika, salad, zucchini, onion)

“It was fresh, colourful and had to be healthier than the spinning block of meat! The only complaint I have is that I couldn’t try all of what they offer!”

Now there’s a testament if you ever needed one.

  1. National Whatever Day

Today is National Anthem Day, World Wildlife Day, International Irish Whiskey Day, Dress in Blue Day and even What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day.

Now, we don’t mean to knock the days that can play a major part in raising awareness for excellent causes, but National Dress Up Your Pet Day? Really?

Yep, we are right there with you, and yep, we want to know who is to blame for National Whatever Day.

Well, it turns out that all you need to do is make it up! Just think of your cause, make a hashtag and away you go. The real challenge is getting people to observe your creation.

There are a number of companies that offer avenues to generate exposure for your national day, even offering a nice certificate to commemorate it. So if you have a burning desire to post pictures of cats in hats and want other people to join in, now you know your dream can become a reality.

Dogs playing Cards Painting

So what are you waiting for? We are already working on #NationalSomeoneElseMakeACuppaDay…

  1. Our Gang Join a Bigger GANG

We love nothing more than the chance to get out and about to see other conference facilities around the UK. This week 3 of the team have been down to the Olympia London for the International Confex event, while our Conference Sales Executives Lisa and Emma zipped down to Cardiff for the GANG 2017 conference.

It isn’t that kind of gang you are thinking of, as Emma explains:

“Lisa and I were lucky enough to attend the GANG conference – the Great Ambassador Network Group. The train journey seemed to take forever and after way too many Percy Pigs we arrived in Cardiff. We went straight to the hotel, topped up the lippy and walked over to Cardiff Castle for the conference dinner. We were greeted with a glass of Welsh Mead on arrival and thoroughly entertained with some comedy and wonderful singing between each course.

The conference took place the following day at the Principality Stadium. It was lovely to be there on St. David’s day and to see the stadium preparing for the next Six Nations game! It was really great to hear how closely other cities and countries work with their Ambassador’s. We had some excellent presentations from Visit Cardiff, Visit Scotland, Club Liverpool, The University of Cork, Meet in Ireland and the University of South Wales.

The conference really made us think about the importance of our ambassadors within the University and how MEETinLEEDS can offer support to our internal members of staff who would like to bring a conference to the University and our exciting city!

We would like to say a massive thank you to the Cardiff Convention Bureau for the amazing hospitality over the GANG Conference, we had an excellent couple of days and would be happy to return the favour!”

  1. International Concert Series

Music is one of those things that can make you feel like you are in a different place. Just close your eyes and you can be transported temporally or geographically. Sometimes it is not a good place – the dance floors of Barnsley nightclubs are best left in the past and in Barnsley – but like travel, the more experiences you have the broader your horizons and the easier it is to forget those sticky nightclub floors…

That’s enough of our hackneyed simile, because here is your opportunity to catch some horizon broadening music courtesy of the University of Leeds International Concert Series, some of which are free!

The series, which has given Leeds a varied and exciting programme of recitalists – from legendary performers to up-and-coming young artists – has been running from 1915 to the present day. It is a chance for students, staff and members of the public to catch the finest classical and contemporary music in a live setting.

Jessica Ward, Concerts Coordinator, said:

“Highlights of this Series include the continuing collaboration with Leeds International Piano Competition, with a concert of works by Beethoven, Schumann, Schubert and Liszt performed by 2015 prize winner Vitaly Pisarenko. Leeds Lieder return to complete their series exploring the songs of Mahler and his contemporaries, featuring Gemma Lois Summerfield, James Newby and Joseph Middleton performing Des Knaben Wunderhorn. Xuefei Yang demonstrates the versatility of the classical guitar with a typically eclectic programme. Free Friday lunchtime concerts include Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet performed by principals of the Orchestra of Opera North; intriguing contributions from the exciting new chamber music collective Pixels Ensemble; and a performance by 2008 BBC Young Musician of the Year winner, trombonist Peter Moore.

International Concert Series poster

The Series is interspersed with solo and ensemble concerts by performance students in the School of Music.”

We hope you can join us for one or more of the concerts so check out the programme and enjoy some live music!

  1. #Print101

We might be experts in the world of conference and events, but when it comes to some things we have a lot to learn. Take printing, for example. A few weeks ago we went 3 days without being able to print. We opened trays, tinkered, unplugged and plugged back in, all to no avail. When our local IT expert came to investigate, all he asked was “have you tried pressing the power button?” We hadn’t.

Which is exactly (well, maybe not exactly) why the University of Leeds Print & Copy Bureau (PCB to their friends) have started #PRINT101.

We will leave the explanation to Sophie Wright, Artworking Assistant at PCB, who said:

“#PRINT101 is the Print & Copy Bureau’s brand new guide for all things to do with printing & design at the university.

We’re running a month long series of videos & posts to give people all the information they need to get the most out of their creative projects, from the start of a job right to the end.

We’ll be covering colour modes, how to make work for both screen and print and much more.

We’ll also be showcasing all the different services that the PCB has available for you to make your work look as good as possible, as well as going behind the scenes to see all the different areas that make it happen!

All of this will be happening on Facebook and Twitter – you’ll also (soon!) be able to find a handy step-by-step guide on our website that’ll be available to help you when booking in your work.”

Give them a follow on Twitter and a like on Facebook to find out more and get your burning questions answered!

Just so you know, we do not have any association with any of the news outlets, film and podcast recommendations. The views expressed in these do not represent the views of the University of Leeds.