Environmentally Friendly

Our Event Managers get to use their talents in all kinds of situations.

Tasha, while at a friends wedding, finds out what you need to make your conference environmentally friendly – but not in the way you are thinking…

Environmentally friendly blog by Tasha Rahanu

Tasha Rahanu, one of the Event Managers here at MEETinLEEDS, has been hard at work on the Teach First Summer Institute and a number of other fantastic events that have been here this summer.

However, last week she was using her organisational talents at a friend’s wedding, but not in the way you would expect… Over to Tasha!

I’m not one of these mothers who likes to ram down everyone’s throat how difficult it is to raise a child. Nor am I one to tell my childless friends they simply could not understand. However, as one said friend explained to me “You can’t stop going out and living your life because I have a baby”, I thought simply. You don’t understand. So cut to last week where I had the honour of being a bridesmaid at an old friend’s wedding, to which my husband and child were also invited. And therein lies the problem. Bridesmaid Tash, fine. Mother Tash, fine. Multi-role Tash, not so much. Especially within an environment I have no control over and comes with prefixed behavioural expectations including, but not limited to, not screaming through the speeches. That does not make for a friendly environment.

As I was missing my ‘toast to the bridesmaids’ while outside soothing a frustrated and hot child, mentally drafting an email to inform all my friends I would be attending no further social occasions until my son is old enough to be either reasoned with or bribed, it got me thinking: could this have been avoided? What was missing?

The answer is a ‘me’!

In this case I refer to event manager ‘me’ rather than aforementioned bridesmaid or mother ‘me’. I need the ‘me’ that runs a number of amazing events at the university, not the me that looks after one small and very demanding delegate.

When running a conference at the University our clients can be likened to the bride and groom. They should be available to speak to people, receive praise and ultimately only worry about getting their speeches right. The rest, well that’s where I come in. If its pouring with rain l know you’ll want a coat rail, if it’s a rare but blissfully hot day, extra water. If you’ve got more men than women at a drinks reception, maybe more beer than wine. And if you’re spending the day out on a field trip hiking or climbing or white water rafting, I think your delegates would prefer a hot dinner to sandwiches and salads. Most importantly, if there are rail strikes or traffic jams or simply early starts for long journeys your guests will definitely appreciate a welcoming smile and a hot coffee when they finally arrives at our beautiful campus.

Don’t multi-role like me and end up missing your toast while holding the metaphorical baby. Come and MEETinLEEDS. We’re environmentally friendly!