Come Dive With Me 

Will it all be ‘plane’ sailing for Bobbie?


Every year the Facilities Directorate at the University of Leeds, which includes MEETinLEEDS, choose a local charity to support. This year the team chose Candlelighters, a children’s cancer charity based in Leeds and supporting families throughout Yorkshire.

Bobbie Atkinson, Conference Sales Assistant at MEETinLEEDS, has a number of activities planned to support the charity. Over to Bobbie with her story. 

Candlelighters support families financially, emotionally and practically whether on treatment, post-treatment or sadly bereaved. By supporting Candlelighters, you are helping families in our local Yorkshire community.

This is why I have decided to do a 15,000 feet skydive, to raise money for the incredible work this charity does. My jump will take place on Saturday the 27th April 2019 at Hibaldstow Airfield, North Lincolnshire. In preparation for this, I have participated in various fundraising activities with the hope of reaching my target of £500.

As a part of my fundraising, I sold handmade knitted hats for children which raised over £100! I have also started a “Come Dine with Me” day at work, where my colleagues and I have taken it in turns to cook lunch for the entire office one Friday a month. I have also received many generous donations upon my Just Giving page.

Ahead of the dive, I hope that I will be able to exceed my target so I can raise as much money for this wonderful charity as possible.

Also I hosted my “Spring is here let it shine” event! It was a fun-filled day of Irish and acrobatic dancers, acoustic acts, bands and Dj’s at the Indigo Alley in Scarborough.

Ahead of the dive, I hope that I will be able to exceed my target so I can raise as much money for this wonderful charity as possible. Just to show you how your money makes such a difference:

  • By raising £100, you could pay for an outside entertainer for the ward and waiting areas for a day.
  • £300 could send the Candlelighters bus out for the day, to ensure all families can access our services
  • £1000 could pay for a family to go on a much needed holiday together
  • £1250 could pay for a child receiving end of life care to spend a special day making memories with their family.
  • £2500 could pay for talking therapies for all of our families for one month
  • £4000 could pay for our Christmas party, which brings our families together and allows our children to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones
  • £6000 could pay for compassionate grants for any family who needed this, for a whole year
  • £8000 could pay for our ‘Day of Memories’, a special day for any family who has lost a loved one.
  • £10000 could fund all of our sibling trips and groups for a whole year.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me in my fundraising so far and will return the favour by posting a video of myself jumping 15,000 feet out into the air in a couple of months’ time.