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Light Night Artwork Inspired Poetic Musing

We are loving the I MISS YOU artwork which is currently on display in the centre of the River Aire at Leeds Dock. The artwork is part of a set being displayed in cities across Europe in several different languages and it sums 2020 up perfectly. The I MISS YOU artwork will be on display […]

Important Coronavirus information regarding our facilities

04/11/20: In-person Conference and Event Activity Temporarily Paused Following the further restrictions announced by the Government from Thursday 5 November, the University of Leeds will pause in-person conference and event activity in University facilities, including Cloth Hall Court. The only exemptions will be for those as set out in the government guidance. We look forward […]

University of Leeds welcomes Communication Matters

Communication Matters, the national charity which is part of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC), is holding their Annual Conference, for the fifth successive year, at the University of Leeds from Sunday 10th – Tuesday 12th September 2017. Communication Matters National AAC Conference (CM2017) is the UK’s leading annual Augmentative and Alternative […]

Chefs Awarded Gold Standard Catering Mark

It’s great that we can depend on so many teams across campus; from our award-winning chefs to our AV Technicians, car-park attendants and IT support who all play a part in bringing together great events at the University. We’ve just heard that our chefs, from Great Food at Leeds, have been awarded the Gold Standard […]

5 things to do before you…

Whilst stuck in a traffic jam the other day, the entertainment value of watching other drivers applying make-up and picking their noses slowly wore off, and I began thinking about things I’d like to do before……well, before long. I’ve actually been fairly adventurous in the past – I’ve flown several aircraft, looped the loop, driven a Ferrari (fast!), […]

Grumpy? Me?

It was a fantastic day today. Beautiful sunshine, and blue skies. Travelling through the spring-like countryside into Leeds on the train was a joy.  Not for this bunch, who didn’t look up from their smart phones for a second.  Maybe they have Fascinating Friends, or Riveting Relatives, or maybe they were just playing Candy Crush, […]

Responding to change

Simply by visiting this page you might have noticed that the MEETinLEEDS website has changed a bit! From a customers point of view it really is only a bit too: a few design changes here or there, larger images and easy to use maps; but we hope you’ll agree that it’s made a big difference. One […]

Seek and you shall find

As most colleagues know, I’m shortly to retire and have made a pact with myself, that in the meantime, on the way to and from meetings on campus, I’ll try to walk down a street I’ve never been down before.  It’s proving surprisingly easy.  I guess I have my favourite routes and have rarely deviated […]

At Your Service

Rumour has it that the recession is over and recovery has begun! This may be so, but in the events market it’s still a fact that there is an over-abundance of suppliers and therefore a massive choice – a buyer’s market. When retail shopping, we tend not to compare products with products – we compare […]