Proud to be MEETinLEEDS

From lockdown the team adjusted to working from home, prioritised their client contact and made staying in touch with each other a non-negotiable.  As lockdown was eased they worked to support our onsite teams, focus on the reopening of our buildings and services alongside our University colleagues, and again staying in touch remained a non-negotiable.  As we start to look at the return to campus members of the team are supporting other services offering their enviable customer service and organisation skills to ensure  that even through uncertainty they can offer a reassuring and kind hand. Again, throughout this staying in touch remains a non-negotiable.

Throughout this entire period the teams commitment and support of each other has been extraordinary. To find out more about this amazing team I am so very proud of have a look at our MEETtheTEAM team bios. Visit the MEETinLEEDS blog page.